Tea Parties & BBC Period Dramas

Tea parties and BBC period dramas whilst living in California inspired me, to blow off the cobwebs off of my photographic degree training, add some creative spices in marketing and styling, to show you how these vintage items sourced in the United Kingdom, as well as the retro and modern items, could become keepsakes for any modern home or event.

A dear friend, Joyce Williams, introduced me to Etsy a year ago and below are some reviews received, and it all started from there.

I have travelled around the UK and sourced vintage and retro items and sold these items on Etsy but with any business, it has to evolve and I transferred my energies into creating an online shop and standing alone for the most part.

It warms my heart to know that my curated gifts are sitting in your home or at your event and I will make sure that your experience in my shop will be a good one.

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Happy shopping. 

Caz x